Virtual medicine, as defined by LINKMEDICARE, is providing, or accessing a second medical opinion utilizing the state-of-art telecommunication and IT technologies in a set-up accessible and convenient way for the patient.

The second medical opinion could be provided to the patient through Link appointment and online consultation applications. However, to make it more cost-effective and practical, LINKMEDICARE has established a tripartite arrangement, in a clinic set-up, or as a part of home healthcare service where the treating physician will attend a virtual medical second opinion consultation. The physician with the second professional discusses and explains the case to the patient. The electronic medical record of the patient is shared, and further recommended investigations, medications, or procedures are agreed on and performed by both physicians.

Inbound virtual medicine is the case where physicians registered with NHRA (National Health Regulatory Authority) receive a second opinion virtual consultations from within the Kingdom of Bahrain or abroad, while the outbound virtual consultations are the second opinion consultations requested by physicians registered with NHRA from physicians registered in their country of practice.

LINKMEDICARE is Affiliating with global centers of excellence to ensure quality second opinion to its patients.

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