“Outreach medical services” is the provision of healthcare services in settings different from the conventional clinic, hospital, laboratory, or radiology centers mostly in setups convenient to the patient and his/her beloved ones. The impact on the psychology and the physiology of the patient and the beloved ones cannot be overstated. It could be at home, in the hotel or the park. The concept is the personalization and individualization of healthcare. The medical care is to be delivered at the time, and the site convenient to the patient and not the provider.

Medicine-at-Residence includes the delivery of patient healthcare services at home, in a friendly setting, minimizing the duration of hospital stay (if necessary) and avoiding unnecessary exposure to hospital-acquired infections. The patient care includes the full spectrum of care to include but not limited to physician consultation, radiology (x-ray), phlebotomy (laboratory), chemotherapy, physiotherapy, respiratory therapy, dialysis, 24-hour monitoring, and comprehensive medical and nursing services, in a familiar, safe, friendly environment to the patient and the family.
The provision of healthcare at home reduces the cost of healthcare and avoids the physical, psychological, and social discomfort and trauma caused to the patient and his family by exposure to a new alien environment. In addition, it avoids the increasing risk of nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections. It is personalized medicine.