LINK Hospital is the hub of the LINKMEDICARE system, consisting of the Link outpatient services, LINK outreach medical services, and Link virtual medicine.

The hospital is strategically located at Muharraq Governorate in the Kingdom of Bahrain, close to the Bahrain International Airport. The multispecialty hospital is a 100-bed center of excellence, with a potential expansion to a 360-bed hospital; six operating theaters, with a potential expansion to ten; and outpatient and inpatient comprehensive services, including state-of-the-art equipment and technology, designed in accordance with NHRA and JCI specifications, and affiliated with internationally recognized centers of excellence.

In addition to advanced radiology, laboratory, and interventional procedures, the hospital will be providing medical and surgical services.

The hospital will have several centers of excellence to include but not limited to:

  1. Laparoscopic, and bariatric surgical center;
  2. Diabetes, Obesity center focusing on behavioral psychology;
  3. Ophthalmology Center;
  4. Orthopedic and sports medicine center;
  5. Reproductive Endocrinology Center;
  6. Plastic surgery and Cosmetic center; and
  7. Respiratory diseases center including sleep apnea.

Every center is affiliated with an internationally recognized center of excellence, with real-time online coordination to assure the quality of services provided.