LINKMEDICARE international advisory board is renowned healthcare professionals with considerable experience in the healthcare field. The board is formed to provide guidance and support to the LINKMEDICARE team and give advice to the management, operation, research, and services of the system.

Micheal Horgan, Chairman

Michael Horgan, Chairman

  • Chairman of the Higher Education Authority of Ireland
  • Board member of the International Human Affairs of Fordham University
  • Member of the Audit and Risk Committee of the Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland


  • CEO of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • Board member of Beaumont Hospital-Ireland
  • Governor of the Rotunda Hospital-Ireland
  • Member of the Senate of the National University of Ireland
  • Chairman of Health and Safety Authority of Ireland
Adel Hassan
Professor Dr. Adel Hassan Adawy

Dr. Adel Hassan Adawy

  • MD Orthopedic Surgery


  • Minister of Health and the Population – Arab Republic of Egypt
  • President of the Egyptian Orthopedic Association Vice-President of Benha University
Dr. Mohamad Alamuddin
Dr. Mohamad Alamuddin

Dr. Mohamad Naji Alamuddin

  • MD-American University of Beirut
  • MPH- Johns Hopkins University
  • Consultant Obstetrician-Gynecologist
  • Chairman of the Board-MEDGULF Insurance Company-BSC
  • CEO-United Medical Group
  • Secretary General-Prevention of Blindness Union
  • Secretary General-IMPACT-EMR
  • Consultant to the Chairman – Atheeb Group


  • Director of Operations-Saudi Medical Services
  • Senior VP-Washington Healthcare International
  • Director of International Operations-Royal College of Surgeons-Ireland
Professor Wei He
Professor Wei He

Professor Wei He

  • Established Shenyang He Eye Specialist hospital and 34 He Eye Specialist hospitals and 57 He Clinics in China with one million visits/year
  • Established China Eye Industry base to develop and manufacture eye products
  • Established the National Training Base for the prevention
    and treatment of blindness.
Tan Sri Dato Seri, Dr Haji Mohamad Ismail Merican
Tan Sri Dato Seri, Dr Haji Mohamad Ismail Merican

Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr. Haji Mohamad Ismail Merican

  • Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Board of Governors of MAHSA University-Malaysia
  • Chairman of Gadang Holding Berhard
  • Consultant Hepatologist


  • The Director-General of Health-Malaysia
  • President of the Malaysian Medical Council